Like meditation you have to come through the gate to see and experience divination before you know it. If you are frighten of divination it is probably because you imagine it in the distorted ways it has been presented in this country. All of the western definitions of divination as occult, supernatural, or against the natural order of things are based in the modern Christian perspective. Jesus Christ himself must have had the power to see in order to heal others.

Even the simplified black woman (and she is always black) covered in white face with glaring eyes in the movies is a distortion of ancient and powerful African spiritual traditions of Vodoun or Ifà in which divination is crucial to discovering the true nature of oneself.

Malidoma Somé, of the African Dagara tribe said, “Divination is a beautiful, empowering and healing manifestation of spirit.  It is an opportunity to hear direction from the realm of the ancestors.  It is a process by which your epic story is reflected back to you, giving you greater clarity about your gift to the world.”

Africans were meditating more than 10,000 years ago. The purpose was to see how to live their lives in the same way Buddhist practitioners are called to do. And yet, such meditation was not self-centered. It was meant to discover ways to collectively live. The ones who had deep lucid dreams and could see clearly beyond what was in front of them became diviners.  The diviner is the one who meditated long enough to see beyond the chaos and clutter of the mind. Of course, there were some who were born naturally with the gift to see.

In ancient times, in all cultures, it was required that all leaders, queens, kings, heads of the warrior clans display some skill at divination. It was believed that the one who leads must also see and not rely on opinions or untested ideas. And once the messages were clear the leaders had to have the medicine to alleviate the ills of their society. The vote was based on a demonstration of such a capacity.

Today we must learn to see for ourselves. It is not enough to use our meditation practices to calm our nerves or quiet our children. We must use our developing capacities to see who we are as a people and discover our place in easing the suffering in the world.

Divination is a way of using your meditation practice for more than calming your nerves. Divination is to use your meditation as a path to see, make clear decisions about your life and to set actual steps towards integrating the wisdom that comes from meditation. So, as you can see divination and meditation are tied together, one sets the stage for the other. During our circles we will share experiences so that you come to a clearer understanding.