Ancestral Wisdom

As women of African descent and women of color there is a long history of providing herbal medicine, interpreting dreams, and consulting the ancestors. In modern day, these talents have been used in many other ways of living our lives but not always recognized as divining. How we have lived our lives comes from wisdom in our bones-the wisdom of those who came before us. Sometimes we forget such wisdom and feel we cannot access such knowing. Ancestors’ Daughters is a way to reclaim our powers to see and regain a sense of our lives as eternal and connected to ancestors.

If you have meditated before, that’s good. Meditation prepares you for divination. It gives us right consciousness to walk into the gateway of divining to meet yourself, family, and community and be open to a lineage of ancestors that have brought you to this life. These ancestors include your blood line and extends to teachers on your spiritual path, animals, plants, or the Earth itself. Anything that came from the source of life, from which we all came from, are ancestors. Anything that has come before our own ideas and thoughts and strategies of life is ancestral. In our circles we explore this more. See you soon.